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Our Range

Our range is for traditional retailers who want to offer refillable products, but who might find in-store refilling messy, inconvenient, and heavy on space.

Our System

Our system moves refilling to customers' homes and, in many cases, leads to less plastic waste than in-store refilling. It's easy for customers to return empty refills to store, using the on-shelf post box. Pouches compress when empty and take up very little space. Returning the pouches to us is quick and easy, we either refill returned pouches or make them into new upcycled products, so there's zero plastic waste.

About us

We are an independent manufacturer based in Newtown, mid Wales. Having sold zero plastic waste refills online for ten years, we've used that experience to design an in-store refill system that's easier for customers and retailers. Our products range from shower gel and hand wash, to laundry liquid and toilet bowl cleaner.  

We launched our retail range and are now in more than 125 independent stores.

Introduction to Splosh