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Fabric Conditioner Peony & apple blossom | Case of 5

Fabric Conditioner Peony & apple blossom | Case of 5



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  • Peony & apple blossom
  • 430 mL


NEW revised formulation. If you love your laundry super-soft and oh so fragrant, then this fabric conditioner is for you. It's easy to apply (you only need a tiny amount as it's so concentrated) and the results are superb. We've made it adaptable if you live in a soft water area, you can add water to the bottle to get even better value for money. We won't go so far as to say we can make you fall in love with your laundry, but our fabric conditioner may cause your heart to flutter just a little. This is a standard cap bottle. Fill the cap up to halfway with fabric conditioner to measure 10ml - the perfect dosage for 1 load of laundry.

Fragrance Description

Our peony and apple blossom fragrance is gentle and fresh, like a walk through an orchard in the spring.

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