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Hand wash gel Mint & green tea | Case of 6

Hand wash gel Mint & green tea | Case of 6



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  • Mint & green tea
  • 250 mL


Many months of hard work went into perfecting this hand wash - and we think you’ll be delighted with the result. The naturally derived gel is thick, foamy and wonderfully moisturising. It’s superb value for a handwash of this quality – refills come in at just £1.16 per bottle. And every time you refill it (there's a visible strip to show you the fill level), you’ll get that little flicker of satisfaction that you’re doing something good for the planet. This product is cruelty free, vegan friendly and septic tank safe.

Fragrance Description

We’ve blended zingy mint with sweet, soft green tea to create a fragrance that’s perfectly refreshing.

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